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Prison Inmate Communication Systems

In most federal prisons and in many state and local prisons or jails you will find our custom inmate communications controller.

All inmate communication can be digitally recorded and monitored, live or delayed, through the computer network to the desktop computer speakers.

Monitoring personnel have the ability to disconnect a call at their discretion.

These recordings can be annotated and exported to a CD for use in court.

These recordings can be removed from the online system to either CD or DVD optical media for archival storage.  This process can be automated thru the use of media handling robotics.

Central office telephone lines can be either analog (POTS) or digital (T1).

The inmate can also be given telephone options to play item values from the systems databases, account balances, restrictions etc.

The called party can be given options to block further calls from this inmate.

The connected conversation can be interrupted with prison id message at selected intervals.

Inbound calls to inmates can be sent to voice mail only and played back later by the inmate, these can also be recorded.

Incoming e-mail messages can be read back to the inmate, these can be recorded and/or stored in text format, no pictures possible.

Using Dialogic Inc. or PIKA Technologies Inc. telephony products.