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Archival or Backup

We offer a customized archival or backup system that can use Media Form robotics to handle media motion.  These systems can process 600 DVD (4.7 Gb. each) unmanned.  You specify how to select the data to be archived.  What format you would like the data in.  What programs if any that are needed to be saved with this data to retrieve this data.  We customize our product to provide you with these features.  This system can be either a manual, using the optical writer in the computer, or unmanned using the Media Form robotics.  Printing of the recorded media is also supported.  After the media is recorded and verified by the system this customized software can remove the data from your system and insert a record identifying for volume label of the media to facilitate the location of the archived when necessary.

Media supported:

Operating systems:
    Microsoft Windows 2000, Linux versions possible.