Pace Software Systems, Inc.
Pace Software Systems, Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling the customer's wish list !

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Custom Software Services

Custom software development, Windows, Novell, Linux, and microcomputer, application program or drivers.  Database design, Microsoft SQL, Pervasive, Code Base, etc. 

Web site creation, maintenance and hosting.  Virtual Private Network installation and support.

Sales, support, upgrades, relocation of computers, networks, routers, switches, satellite links, infrared links, kiosks, internet connections, video conference site setup.

 Recent projects:

    Cable TV Pay-Per-View system.
    Cable TV Billing system.
    Long Distance Telephone Call Billing System.
    Inmate Telephone Call Processing System.
    Remote Inmate Call Monitoring Application.
    Calling Card, Charge Card, Collect Call Processing System.
    Automated Call Records Archival System to DVD or CD Media with Robotics.
    Big Game Logger.

All of the above systems were created to the customers specifications.

Using Dialogic Inc. or PIKA Technologies Inc. telephony products